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I finished it yesterday, during the 1st day in the water and 4th day of the fast. Perfect book to fully understand the whole process of fasting, very motivating and helpful during this “challenge”. Thank you for this very good book.


This is an intelligently written book, accessible to all. Sandra beautifully sheds light on how the body works

and our cells during this 9-day program. A real work of pro resulting from his experience, a pleasant reading thanks to his talent and his benevolence. I bought it yesterday and devoured it. Run! 

Béatrix Rambert - Maurice 

Thanks to your book, I finally stabilized my weight!


I am on the 3rd day of preparation and I feel so good.


Iwanted to share with you my fabulous experience thanks to your support through your book.

I can not believe it ! Once again what my mind and my body are capable of.

The mornings of the second and third day were a bit difficult. So I took a vegetable juice in the morning and last night a broth.

I dreamed last night that I was eating shrimp.

I felt cheerful, enthusiastic and so determined during these 3 days, incredible!

In any case, I know that I gave my body a gift and I sincerely wanted to thank you.

Your book accompanied me in every moment, it was wonderful. Once again thank you.

Marie Pierre

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