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Tip n°1 : Vegetable oils

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

With this first tip, the blog ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ is launched!

It's early days 😊, so please let me know your tips and comments 👍.

Today, we're going on a journey to the land of 🧳 VEGETABLE OILS 🧳 ... which nature so generously places at our disposal ... and which we earthlings, ungrateful as we sometimes are 😨 ... often disdain to consume 😉 ...

And yet ... all fats, including animal fats, are essential for our health👌.

Contrary to some beliefs 🙄 they are not what make us fat. Rather, it is the carbohydrates, if consumed in excess, that are the villains responsible😅 !

Sugar 🍭 bread 🍞 rice 🍚 potatoes 🥔 and tutti quanti ⁉️

I would, however, like to disclaim any responsibility 🖐, should you however get the urge 🤔 ... or the idea ☁️ ... somewhat daft 😳 ... to consume these oils at the bottle neck ⁉️

It's quite unlikely to happen 😜 ... but hey, you never know 😵.

If we lack fats in our diet 🥘 well our skin gets all dry, our brain 🧠 turns into a pea, we age faster 😱, we get quite tired 🥱 and we risk a deficiency of vitamins (D for example 😭 ) or hormones ... just to mention these unfortunate consequences 🙈🙈🙈...

This is one of the risks of those awful 😂😉😅 low-calorie diets.

Never 🙅♀️... ever 🙅♀️🙅♀️🙅♀️, would I advise anyone to embark on this very unpleasant adventure ... or misadventure 😬 ...

Already, it's not good for the morale 😩 ... nor for the metabolism ... and on top of that the risk of fat deficiency is quite present, and yes 😔.

Without going into too much unnecessary detail, you should know that there is a broad classification 🗂 which differentiates, for example, between saturated fats mostly of animal origin 🧈🥩🥛 and unsaturated fats of plant origin, which we are talking about today.

Then there are the famous omegas: 3, 6, 9 and even 7 figure it out 😅 !

Again, we need ALL fats, except that most of the time we consume too much of one and not enough of the other: too much saturated fat or omega 6 (pro-inflammatory) and not enough omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) 🤷♀️🤷♀️🤷♀️.

Before listing some of these oils, it is important to pay attention to the conservation of these precious nectars which denature more or less quickly in light 💡 and heat 🥵 and thus disappear all their benefits 😔 ...

Therefore keep these oils in your fridge, except olive oil as it will harden which will make it complicated to use 😅 ... Still, avoid storing it next to your cooking plates 🍳 ... Yes, we don't always think about it 😉 ...

Finally, buy them organic if possible, extra virgin and cold pressed (otherwise they've been heated) ➕ eat them raw.

Phew ... now we can start!

Avocado oil: excellent for the skin (e.g. stretch marks) - long shelf life.

Peanut oil: beware of people with allergies! Resists heat very well and can therefore be used for cooking ... but in moderation 🤏 it contains a lot of omega 6. Yes, it is better to cook with olive oil 🫒.

Borage oil: known for its beneficial effects on the skin.

Camelina oil: very ... very ... very rich in omega 3, much more than rapeseed or walnut oil.

Safflower oil: beneficial for the intestines - be careful though as it is also rich in omega 6.

Hemp oil: rich in omega 3 AND omega 6.

Coconut oil: yes, resists heat well ... but ... is high in saturated fats in the same way as animal fats ... therefore we're going to say "phew" 😑 ... consume in moderation.

Rapeseed oil: excellent for the cardiovascular system 🫀, it is the most balanced of all in terms of its composition ... always have a bottle in your fridge 👍.

Wheat Germ Oil: is an important source of vitamin E and acts, for example, on skin redness (e.g. couperose) as it also contains vitamin K ... K for Koagulation ... the C was already taken 🤣🤣🤣. ❌ Be careful❌ however if you are taking anticoagulants 💊 or have a history of thrombosis (blood clot). NEVER heat it up!

Linseed oil: the richest in omega 3 ❌but ❌... there is a big BUT: this oil is fragile ... very fragile ... it oxidizes in a flash in the light ☀️ and becomes toxic ☠️!

It is therefore imperative to keep it in the fridge and finish the bottle within 2 to 3 weeks after opening.

Hazelnut oil: very rich in oleic acid = omega 9, like olive oil 🫒 or avocado oil 🥑 but low in omega 3 and .

Walnut oil: rich in omega 3, it's an oil for the brain 🧠 ... maybe we get smarter, who knows❓The shape of a walnut, doesn't that remind you of something ❓🧠❓

Walnut oil: rich in omega 3, it's an oil for the brain 🧠 ... maybe we get smarter, who knows❓The shape of a walnut, doesn't that remind you of something ❓🧠❓

I prefer it for cooking.

Evening primrose oil: it is the oil to rebalance our hormones, ladies! Very useful in case of period pains 😖 , headaches 🤯 mood changes 😤 , etc ... Is however rich in omega 6 so a little advice: do cures over several months and take breaks 👍. Is also very good for the skin, in the same way as borage oil.

Grape Seed Oil: very rich in flavonoids, powerful antioxidants ... but for that it has to be organic and cold pressed ... which is not always won because it is often found refined in the shops 🛒 ... and so it's screwed 🙄.

Sesame oil: protective of the cardiovascular system 🫀 and rich in minerals and vitamins if, and only if, it is cold pressed ... it's like the previous one, you have to read the label 🏷.

Soya oil: valuable for the immune system, which it tones up, and for the nervous system, but beware of GMOs!

Sunflower oil: excellent for eliminating toxins and microbes from the intestinal mucosa - is however rich in omega 6.

😅😅😅😅 How do you find your way around after all that ❓❓❓

Come on, let's make it simple 😄 👉 your base: olive oil ➕ a source of omega 3 and then diversify with other oils, most of which have many benefits 👍.

Be bold 😅 and try the one you don't know 💪🏼!

Here ends this admittedly non-exhaustive description of these few oils ... and with it the shattering realisation 😩 that I am quite incapable of dealing with either subject in a brief manner 🫢🤐😂!!!

Well ... so goes life ❤️!!!

Come on ✨✨✨✨ MIAM LA VIE ✨✨✨, a nice day to you, be well and I say see you soon!


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