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Tip n°47 : The liver (Part 2)

Well, well, well 🤔, let's start again: your liver is THE filter of your body, and who says filter says: I let what is good pass and I retain what is bad in order to eliminate it. So far so good 👌.

This is exactly what this noble organ does 👑, but, no need for drawing 🎨 at this stage: if our body is overloaded with toxins... and I tell you, it often is 😬, very often 😬😬... overloaded in toxins 😬😬😬 … our liver is not the happiest 😭.

And our liver speaks to us 🗣️, but sometimes we don't hear it 👂 or don't listen to it 🧏 and sometimes we also get used to these little signs 🪧 and we say to ourselves that maybe it's a little normal 🤷.

So, no more excuses 🙅‍♀️, here is his language 🔤:

If you have :

🌱 Pasty mouth or loaded tongue... kind of a little white... or bad breath

🌱 Often runny nose 👃

🌱 Headaches 🤯

🌱 Ringing 👂 ears, this is called tinnitus

🌱 Hemorrhoids 😫

🌱 Skin problems: pimples of all kinds with or without itching

🌱 Allergies

🌱 Canker sores

🌱 Repeated urinary infections

🌱 Disturbed sleep 💤 and you wake up around 2 – 3 a.m.

🌱 Joint pain for no reason… well… there’s always a reason

🌱 Heavy and/or painful periods

If you are :

🌱 Constipated 😬

🌱 Often sick: especially anything related to the ENT sphere – translation: nose/throat/ears 🤧 or if you are “just” sick all the time 🤒

🌱 Tired 😥

🌱 List, not exhaustive of course 😉.

Your liver may need a little help ⛑️.

And if you don't listen to their complaints 🛎️, in the long run your body, clogged with too many toxins 🚮 and inflammation 😡, can develop a more serious chronic illness 🤕.

Come on, I’ll stop there 🙅‍♀️… back to health… the goal is not to get to that point 🙂.

Now comes the famous, very popular liver drainage 🎬, and no, it's not a fad 😉.

But... and yes, there is always a but... the best drainages in the world will be of no use ❌... of no use ❌❌❌... if your diet is not varied and balanced. It’s a bit like continuing to fill a 🛁 bath 🛁 while the drain plug is open ⁉️.

You see the comparison ❓

So to drain a liver you must first eat well 🥗.

I think you don't really need me to tell you that: everything that is fried 🍟, industrial products... remember the sign on the label 🏷️: the longer it is and with unpronounceable names the more doubtful 🤦‍♀️! … excess alcohol 🍹 especially the strong ones 🥃, chips and other aperitif biscuits… very appetizing sometimes, I admit, personally I have difficulty resisting quality salt chips 🙈… you see the ones prepared with old 🙈 … well, I digress 😂.

I'll start again: sugar 🍭... yes, yes, too many desserts 🍨, sweets 🍬, croissants 🥐, jams etc... not good for our liver... too much black tea 🍵 or coffee ☕, too many dairy products 🥛, various cold meats 🐖 , margarine, ultra-cooked fats, cooking at high temperatures, tobacco 🚭, medicines 💊, the… the… the… 😳.

Oh my, this is all dizzying 🌀.

In short, all this in excess and your liver no longer speaks to you 😶.

But what should we do then ❓

Apart from a diet rich in vegetables 🥕🍆 and fruits 🥝, sprouted seeds, dried fruits (dates, figs) and spices, here are some more specific ways to drain your liver:

✅ A fruit and vegetable cure for a few days... it’s fantastic! Steam or stew cooking please!

✅ A hot water bottle in the liver region (under the ribs on the right), for 10 minutes to start and then you can go up to 30 minutes

✅ A cure of a vitamin B mixture that your liver loves, brewer's yeast, very rich in vitamin B, will also do the trick (follow the dosage)

✅ La méthionine, précurseur du glutathion qui est un magnifique détoxifiant pour le foie (suivez la posologie)

✅ Sulfur: Sulfur 5CH at home for example: 3 granules per day – 5 days a week for at least 1 month, or in the form of a trace element

✅ And then there are the plants, you may know some of them: artichoke, milk thistle, desmodium, dandelion and there are many others.

👉 My preference 🧡 goes to Rosmarinus BGD1 or BGD4: these are buds or young shoots in glycerinated macerate D1 or D4 (diluted and energized 10x or 40x homeo method): 40 to 60 drops in the evening in a little water.

I have been faithful to it 😇 for my patients for almost 20 years 🤗.

✅ And finally... FASTING of course!

⚠️ Warning ⚠️: all of the above is indicated ONLY if you are in good health and are not taking any medication, otherwise medical advice and monitoring is essential, it is really important.

When ❓.

Well that’s good: now ❗.

Yes, seasonal changes are good times for this kind of detox 👍.

So, we eat vegetables 🥗, we move 🤸‍♀️, to activate the elimination and we start a cure for 1 to 3 months, and then we stop ✋.… otherwise, well it's no longer a cure 🙃.

Come on, enough talking ❗

I say ✨✨✨MIAM, MIAM, MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨, we do what we like this week-end and we go on for the next week 😝 ! 

Kisses 😘.


Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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