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Tip n°48 : The constipation

We recently discussed the liver and its many functions, including a major one which is the elimination of toxins.

In these two previous articles 📝, I briefly talked about CONSTIPATION and the absolute necessity of resolving this symptom.

Well, this week, we are going to explore in detail this vast subject that is often very uncomfortable 😬and, as you can imagine, terribly harmful to your health 👎.

You are constipated 😱 if you have bowel movements less than once every 3 days and if your stools are hard 😊 (dehydrated).

That’s a “classic” definition… which doesn’t really suit me in fact ☹️.

I would be delighted 😃 if you had a bowel movement every day, but I could, in certain circumstances, live with once every two days 😄.

Constipation should never 🙅‍♀️ be considered ‘commonplace’, even if it lasts “always” 🙈.

There are many ways to fix this 🐵, that’s what we’re going to see together.

But first a little theory 📖: the waste 🚮 produced by your body is, among other things, eliminated through the stools 💩.

Let's not beat around the bush: constipation = less elimination of these same wastes 🗑️ 👉 stools stay longer in your intestines 👉 self-intoxication .

Not really ideal... we agree 👌.

Most of the time constipation is linked to our lifestyle... but... it can also be a symptom of an illness 😷 or follow the taking of medication 💊. We will leave aside these two situations which are beyond the scope of this article.

So, without transition here is the 'little manual for being and staying constipated' 😅 cheerfully: don't drink water 🚰, eat a lot of white bread 🥖, without forgetting rice 🍚 and sugar 🍬, stay seated all day, stressed if possible 😖 and on the breathing side, apnea will be ideal 😶!

Come on, enough jokes ☺️, what should you do if you suffer from constipation ❓

✅ Drink at least 1.5 liters of water 💧 per day, don't force yourself on white bread 🍞, white rice 🍚 and sugar 🍰, walk 🏃‍♀️, give yourself moments to decompress 😇 and to breathe 🌬️... and well yes… it’s the opposite of the above 😉.

✅ Eat fiber: vegetables … more vegetables 🥦 … always vegetables 🥦 , fresh 🥝🍋🍇 and dried fruits 🐿️ and salad 🥗.

If you have a fragile digestion, I advise you to limit raw vegetables and steam your vegetables ♨️.

✅ Take care of your liver, to do this, I invite you to read or reread the two previous tips (n°46 and n°47).

👉A lack of bile, which is produced by your liver, can cause constipation 🤨.

👉A liver overloaded with excess toxins can also make you constipated.

Here it’s a bit like the snake 🐍 biting its tail 🙄.

Overloaded liver ➡️ constipation ➡️ increased liver overload due to lack of elimination of toxins... and so on... in short a vicious circle ⭕ in all its splendor!!! Or in all its ugliness should I rather say ⁉️

✅ Eat sesame or sunflower seeds for example.

✅ Don't neglect the emotional aspect 😕🙁☹️ and especially stress management 😣😖😫: take time to pamper yourself 🤗.

✅ Eat 5 prunes in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before bed. You will have soaked them in water beforehand for at least 3 hours, or even overnight, drink the juice too 👌.

✅ If you prefer figs, it will be the same preparation – 3 figs will do the trick 👍.

✅ Consume oat or wheat bran.

✅ Prepare some psyllium: 1 to 2 tablespoons 🥄, leave to soak for 30 minutes in water and swallow everything 30 minutes before the meal.

✅ Do physical activity regularly: go for a walk 🏃‍♀️ for example, it will do your body a world of good 😃 but also your mind 😇 … and will at the same time stimulate your transit… life isn’t beautiful 🤩!

✅ Please don't force yourself on laxatives which in the long run aggravate the problem 😳.

✅ I deliberately do not talk about flax seeds because even if they are rich in 'lots of good things' for most people, they should be consumed sparingly ⚠️, in certain situations, notably hormone-dependent cancers or in case of inflammation of the digestive tract.

✅ I won't talk about purges or colon hydrotherapy either... same reasoning: very useful for some but be careful ⚠️ not for others.

✅ Massage your 💆 stomach clockwise.

✅ Breathe 🌬️… breathe 🌬️… and breathe again 🌬️. The diaphragm lowers and massages your organs, your intestines will be delighted 😃, and from time to time do the exercise of inflating and deflating your belly at a rapid pace, this will wake up a somewhat idle intestine 👍.

If, despite all of the above, your intestines are resisting 😵, here are some bonuses ✌️:

❇️ A small stool in the toilet ❓ Oh good ❓🧐.

Yes, our anatomy sometimes needs a little help 👍. If you elevate your feet so that your knees are higher than your 'behind', the end of your intestine will be much better positioned to facilitate evacuation.

Yes, the sitting position we adopt when we are on the ‘throne’, 🚽our humble toilet 🚽, is not the most suitable 🧐.

❇️ Magnesium chloride. This inexpensive remedy has many benefits including regulating your intestinal transit 👌. Even if its taste is very questionable, I assure you that it is very effective 💪.

For your information, there is a fantastic little book: “magnesium chloride” published by Éditions Jouvence.

❇️ Cat's claw (uncaria Tomentosa): 2 to 4 capsules 💊 per day.

I can't forget to talk about it even if I use it very little, I'm more of a fan of Rosmarinus BGD1 - THE remedy for detoxifying the liver and often regularizing transit at the same time 👌.

Pffffff 🙄, what am I causing 🗣️. I have to stop there, even if there is still so much to say 😉.

So between you and me, just one piece of advice: if you are constipated, don't leave it aside, and take the time to find what suits you best to get relief 🤗.

With these good words I leave you…

Come on ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ and a good week-end to all 🌈🥰⭐.


Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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