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Doctor, homeopath, nutritionist



In great shape all year round! Let me be your guide.

Hello to you,  

I am Dr. Sandra Stallaert, doctor, homeopath and nutritionist .

Welcome to this site: an ideal platform to share my various activities and give you many tips for taking care of your health throughout the year.

Approaching health in a simple and playful way for lasting changes: this is my priority.  Our health is not just about the proper functioning of our body. The management of our emotions as well as the meaning that we give to the different aspects of our life are just as important.  It is in this sense that my approach is 'holistic'. This term, which can sometimes seem a bit 'strange', simply means that I approach your health as a whole : body, soul and spirit.

When reading the various pages of this site, you will discover my activities: in-office or remote consultations (French, English or Italian), free group meditations (Zoom access), 3-day fasting program and Facebook private page:

“MIAM la Vie”.

I am also pleased to inform you of the release of my first book "3 jours de jeûne, c'est parti"

published by Jouvence (in French).

Publication: March 2022

My goal is to give you many tools to take care of your health easily and above all with joy and good humor!

This is my dearest wish!


Holistic approach to your health 

Much more than marvelous biological machines, we are tripartite entities, composed of body, soul and spirit. Being in good health therefore depends on the balance of these 3 aspects of our being.

Homeopathic Bottles
Herbal Remedies


If one wants to understand the basics of homeopathy, it is necessary to forget what one knows about medicines in order to change the reading grid.

Holistic nutrition 

Nourish your body, soul and spirit. The basis of health is in your belly!!! When the digestive system is fine, everything is fine... or almost!
Our digestive system plays a major role in health. The intestinal ecosystem and its flora are directly involved in many fields such as immunology, neuropsychiatry, metabolic, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

Natural Medicine
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