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Image de Darius Bashar

Le journal des archipels - 12/2023

Learn how to manage stress throught breathing

Image de Xavier  Coiffic

Sonntagszeitung - 08/2023

How to boost your immune system approaching the austral winter

Image de USGS

Le journal des archipels - 02/2023

Health and well-being,

the solution will be holistic.

Image de CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Week-end - 06/2022

Fasting. Dr. Sandra Stallaert explains everything to you in a few pages.

Goutte de rosée

The Gazette - 05/2021

Fasting, the holistic experience that reconnects us to our body

thé aux herbes

l'Express - 11/2020

Fasting detoxifies the body in a very important way

déjeuner en santé

Le journal des archipels - 10/2023

What are the good food compatibilities ?

Légumes crus

Le journal des archipels - 06/2023

How to boost your immune system approaching the austral winter


Le Mauricien - 02/2023

Conference on fasting,

Dr Sandra Stallaert.

Image de Radu Florin

L'Express - 05/2022

The benefits of fasting.

Thé à la menthe

Néosanté - 11/2020

Fasting our intern medecine


Le journal des archipels - 08/2023

For your health, stock up on vitamine D !

Image de Jessica Loaiza

L'Express - 04/2023

The chocolate, good for the soul and the body.

Verre d'eau

L'Express - 01/2023

Love and fresh water!

Never without my bottle.

Lunettes et cahier

the Express - 03/2021

Fasting is putting your digestive system to rest, and it often needs it

Nourriture saine

l'Express - 03/2021

Boost your immune system

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