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 Complete 9-day online program with 3 days of fasting


Discover this powerful preventive and therapeutic method

Would you like to try the experience or deepen your practice?

I offer you a complete remote program (9 days), including a 3-day water fast.

It is also possible to carry out these 3 days with filtered fruit or vegetable juices.

Zoom meeting, WhatsApp group and many surprises are on the program so that these 9 days are a real moment of conviviality, good humor, experience and learning.

Fasting is a wonderful gift you give to your digestive system and to your whole body.

Fasting induces a deep detox as well as a powerful process of cell repair and regeneration.

In addition, it is an excellent exercise to master your mind and improve control of your emotions.

If this is the first time, you may be a little apprehensive. Nothing more normal. Know that I have many tips in store for you to make this experience a total success.


Ready for this great experience?

I look forward to seeing you again for this “body, soul, spirit” adventure!

Practical details

  • Timing: every other month approx. 

  • Next group :

  • 3 days of food preparation (Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 April 2024)

  • 3 days of fasting (Friday 12 to Sunday 14 April 2024)

  • 3 days of food recovery (Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 April 2024).

  • Other dates : June 28 to 30, September 6 to 8, October 18 to 20, December 13 to 15 (with 3 days before and after)

  • Join a WhatsApp group (created on Thursday 4 April 2024) to receive all the information and instructions for this programme, ask your questions and have a great time together!

  • During the 3 days of fasting (Friday to Sunday) : Zoom meeting at 7.30 am for conviviality and sharing as well as a beautiful meditation of about 30 minutes.

  • Maximum number of participants: 20


  • 1,400 MUR (Mauritius)

  • 110 CHF (Switzerland)

  • € 90 (rest of Europe)

Please note: the practice of fasting is not suitable for everyone: if you are sick, have health problems, take medication, are a minor (under 18) or have low body fat, you cannot participate in this program.

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