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Are you tempted, curious or inspired? You're welcome

I regularly organize free group and distance meditations.  

No need to be a seasoned meditator, meditation is within everyone's reach!

The objective of these meetings is to share, together, a moment of quality, fullness and coherence. This inner work of connecting to the present moment is not only a powerful tool for our health and well-being, but it also positively influences our surroundings and our environment... and, it is likely that this practice will also harmonize our beautiful planet somewhat. probably needs it as much as we do ;-).  

Yes, like an eagle, let's take a little height together and raise the vibrational field of our consciousness in order to balance our inner being on the 3 planes - body, soul, spirit - as well as the vibrations of our world.  

Let's open our hearts and radiate this beautiful energy within us and all around us...

In practice :

-Meditations created by Éloïse Zeller (texts and voice) and Armand Amar (music)

- Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

- WhatsApp group to communicate dates and times

-Free Zoom access

-Optional participation according to your availability

It may not seem like much ... but it can change everything

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