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Nutrition:  nourish your body, soul and spirit.

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Eating is a pleasure and should remain so... the tone is thus set!

Yes, eating well should in no way be synonymous with limitations, constraints or frustrations. My goal is to teach you sustainable habits for healthy and happy eating. You can eat anything, it's just a matter of balance. And balance, like a pendulum, allows you to alternate periods of abundance with those of frugality.
So, if you want to lose weight, you can already say goodbye to diets! They are most of the time useless and very deleterious to morale!

In consultation, it will never be a question of diet or restriction, but of advice adapted to enrich your diet and set up new habits, at your own pace and according to your needs.
Feeding your body well is essential but not enough. We are tripartite beings, consisting of body, soul and spirit. The 'nourishment' you give to your soul and spirit also deserves your full attention.
This is the reflection of my practice: supporting you with a global approach that takes into account your totality.

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