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Let's meditate together


Feeding the present moment, this moment of eternity...

I regularly organize group and distance meditations via Zoom.

These meditations are accessible to everyone, no need to be a professional meditator!

The objective is to take time for ourselves, together, in order to harmonize our energy, to raise our vibrations as well as those of our planet.

Yes, let's take a little height together like an eagle and raise the vibratory field of our consciousness to allow:


- To harmonize our inner being on the 3 levels - body, soul, spirit  

- To harmonize the energy of our world.  


Concretely, I have wonderful meditations that I would like to share with you.

Let's open our hearts and radiate this beautiful energy within us and all around us...

These meditations are free.


If you want to participate, depending on your availability, you are welcome.

I created a WhatsApp group to communicate on this subject, I will add you with pleasure, if you wish.

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