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"3 jours de jeûne, c'est parti !"
Editions Jouvence

What a pleasure to present to you my first book! 

Here is the summary of what you will discover by reading this book:
Fasting is one of the most powerful preventive tools for getting and staying healthy. It is an incredible detox that allows your body to repair and regenerate itself while the digestive system is at rest. It is a great ally for controlling weight, strengthening the immune system or reducing inflammation (eg joint pain). Its role in the improvement or cure of many chronic diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular or neuro-degenerative diseases, etc.) is preponderant. Fasting is a holistic process that rebalances your soul and mind as well. The key is better management of emotions, a reconnection of feelings of hunger and satiety, an open mind and greater awareness of the present moment.


This book is a complete, theoretical and practical guide for a 9-day program.  


I accompany you step by step so that these 3 days of fasting are a great success.


Publication: March 2022
Mauritius: April 2022

Live Instagram: Interview with Charlène Guinoiseau,
editorial director of Jouvence editions
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Interview with Miguel Hermelin


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Carnet et stylo plume


I finished it yesterday, during the 1st day with water and 4th day of the fast. Perfect book to fully understand the whole process of fasting, very motivating and helpful during this "challenge". Thank you for this very good book!

Au travail


Since reading your book, I eat differently and I love to eat in search of natural and more processed products. Of course this is felt on my weight an important well being! Thank you !

Écrire sur un cahier


A simple and concrete book that answers all the questions you may have about the practice of fasting and that gives you all the keys to getting started safely.

Carnet et stylo plume


Thanks to your book,
I finally stabilized my
weight !

Au travail


I'm re re re starting now!!! It's really good for the head. Personally I feel really good at the end of the second day of fasting.

Écrire sur un cahier


I am on the 3rd day of preparation and I feel so good.

Carnet et stylo plume


I wanted to share with you my fabulous experience thanks to your support through your book.
I can not believe it ! Once again what my mind and my body are capable of.
The mornings of the second and third day were a bit difficult. So I took a vegetable juice in the morning and last night a broth. I dreamed last night that I was eating shrimp.
I felt cheerful, enthusiastic and so determined during these 3 days, incredible!
In any case, I know that I gave my body a gift and I sincerely wanted to thank you.
Your book accompanied me in every moment, it was wonderful. Once again thank you.

Au travail


This is an intelligently written book, accessible to all. Sandra enlightens us beautifully on the functioning of the body and our cells during this 9-day program. A real work of pro resulting from his experience, a pleasant reading thanks to his talent and his benevolence. I bought it yesterday and devoured it. Run for it!

Écrire sur un cahier


I tested, I resisted the temptations and I recommend this intense experience of 9 days including 3 of fasting.
A "reset" that provides an indescribable and very personal well-being, you have to live it. An enriching experience with beneficial results for the moral and the physical.
The recipe: to be accompanied (a book was perfect) + good herbal teas (thanks Kusmi!) + a large dose of motivation with willpower sauce + a hint of sport what did I miss the most?
The morning coffee that I will continue to savor because out of the question to do without it (not ready yet). My challenge is to continue my cessation of tobacco and alcohol (already 3 weeks and no shortage) … I will just have to find a good sugar-free drink for the next aperitifs while waiting to sip a few glasses of wine again or champagne … in moderation, this friend I just met. As for my health friend, he is the most precious and at 50 years old it is high time to pamper him.

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