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Meditations for childrens


In these troubled times, the period we are going through is sometimes difficult for our children. 
The closing of schools and learning at home, wearing a mask, the many constraints and precautions are all
of 'novelties' which are sometimes complicated to live with for this precious future generation.
This is why, in the same way as for adults, I regularly organize small meditation sessions specifically created for 5 to 12 year olds.
These brief moments of sharing will bring your child an inner calm favorable to attention, concentration, learning,
the management of emotions, falling asleep and the construction of one's being, to grow well.
And finally…there is no age to connect our child's soul, these meditations are, oh so beneficial, for us adults, too.
In practice :
- Meditations created by Éloïse Zeller (texts and voice) and Armand Amar (music)
- Duration: 7 to 17 minutes
- WhatsApp group to communicate dates and times
- Free Zoom access
- Optional participation according to your availability

A great tool for your child's development 

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