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"Users talks about it better!"

If in doubt...

"I had prejudices about not eating, deficiencies? Will I hold? And finally I got into it.
It was incredibly positive, extraordinary and way beyond what I thought was just food.
Already, I had no problem holding out for the full 9 days. By scrupulously following the instructions, I had no feeling of hunger during the 3 days of water fasting or during the 2x3 days of preparation and recovery. Yes, I had headaches just 1 day. On the 3rd day of preparation, my tongue became very white and thick, but it passed after 9 days.
I felt an inner peace supported by the daily meditations offered by Sandra.
You can feel your body working on the big spring cleaning for a better feeling... A healthy mind in a healthy body.
For women experiencing hot flashes, internal yoyo thermostat, you will be happy and liberated, liberated for 9 days... At least that was the case for me!
For me it was a rich, mystical, happy, healthy experience!!!
All this just to encourage all people who still doubt to embark on this practice.... I strongly encourage you, the experience is enormous, beyond what one can imagine..."

Pasqualina C.

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