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Tip n°16 : The gastro-oesophageal reflux

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

This week, I'm not going to go four ways 😃!

To put it another way, I'll get straight to the point 🎯, without too many frills, because I have a lot to tell you 😆!

Today, we are going to address the problem, oh how common, of Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux 🤢, GORD for the intimate!

We often say, 🔥 "I have acidity in my stomach" 🔥 … but do you know that the acidity of your stomach is essential for digestion, especially for the proteins 👍.

Still, you must not eat too much 🥴, otherwise this acidity will increase excessively ✋.

And yes, in terms of acidity, there are a lot of nuances, it's a bit like colors 🎨.

So, without transition 👉 let's see what not to do when you have GORD 🤢 to prevent your stomach from becoming too acidic and overflowing!

To prevent it from overflowing and well it should not be filled too much, logical no ❓😉.

Let's go :

✅ Eat small amounts several times during the day and avoid gargantuan food 😵‍💫!!!

✅ Lighten the evening meal and eat more in the morning and at noon 👉 you can even have a small quality snack in the morning or later in the day: fresh fruit 🍇🍓🫐 or oilseeds 🐿️ (nuts, almonds, etc. ) with dried fruits for example

✅ Drink water between meals but avoid emptying the bottle while you eat

Yes everything that is liquid goes up more easily of course 🙄! …which automatically leads us to:

✅ The "soup 🥣 in the evening and then hop, bedtime 🛌" version is probably not a good idea 😉

And in general, don't go to bed after eating... those who have GORD know this well 🙃, and of course, also avoid doing a headstand 🤸 ♀️, we agree 🤝!

✅ Refrain from using your belt to get a wasp waist 👗!!! This is valid for gentlemen too 😉

✅ If you are constipated 😬, solve this problem once and for all, it's about the volume available in your abdomen!

Yes, I grant you, sometimes this is easier said than done 🙂

✅ If necessary, sleep with 2 pillows to elevate your head

And to avoid too much acidity, here are some good tips:

✅ CHEW 🦷, CHEW 🦷 and CHEW 🦷 again… that’s THE BASIS… I can’t repeat it enough 😜

✅ Avoid eating too much animal protein (beef 🥩 at the top of the list) and if too much extra fat = explosive cocktail 💥... an example? The famous steak fries 🍟!!!

✅ Avoid consuming too much white flour: bread 🥖, pasta 🍝 or pizzas 🍕 don't mix well with your stomach!

✅ Eat vegetables 🥒🫑🥕🍆🥬 at every meal, they are alkaline, which means they balance acidic foods

✅ Eat fruit 🍒🍑🥭 and preferably between meals. They too are alkaline just like sprouted seeds 🌱 or seaweed

✅ Have fun with aromatic herbs and spices: ginger, turmeric, oregano for example

✅ Limit acid drinks such as sodas 🥤, wine vinegar, white wine or bad wine 🍷 just 🥺!

✅ Take it easy too with the amount of fat you eat in the evening, especially if it's cooked because it slows down digestion and therefore the emptying of your stomach 😱

✅ On the other hand, make sure you have enough omega 3. These are powerful anti-inflammatories: fish 🐟, walnut, rapeseed, camelina or hemp oils for example.

✅ Avoid fried foods, dishes in sauce, pre-made sauces, charcuterie, cream pastries... I know you know, but I'm saying it anyway 😜!

✅ You are no longer a baby, so you don't need to drink milk 🥛 every day! Vast topic 🙄

✅ Limit salt 🧂 and anything spicy (the legendary pepper 🌶️ crushed for Mauritius 🤗)

✅ Watch out for coffee ☕ and tea 🍵

✅ Also watch out for carbonated drinks

✅ Take your drinks at room temperature 🌡️

✅ Avoid turning into a chimney if you are a smoker 🚬

✅ And beware of stress… yes, and ❓❓❓ I know, this point deserves a whole article… to come 😅

And if despite everything, your stomach still thinks it's a volcano in full eruption 🌋:

👉 You are going to see your doctor and in the meantime:

✅ Nux Vomica 5CH in homeo: 3 x 3 granules per day - a bit of a cooking recipe but often works very well 👌

✅ Herbal tea with fennel, lemon balm, lime blossom

✅ The good old baking soda, be careful if you are hypertensive!

✅ A base mixture as a food supplement or even magnesium citrate which is alkaline

✅ Propolis sweets

✅ Drinkable aloe vera gel

WOW 😅! Enough talk 😆!

Here you have some basic elements to cuddle your stomach as it should 🤗 .. and as he deserves it so much 👉 he is the one who receives in the first place all that comes from outside and if I was at his instead I would sometimes roll my eyes 🥺😳🙄!!!

Come on, let's not forget that Life is ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ and your stomach knows it too 😁!

See you soon 👋 for new adventures in the land of joyful health!⭐😃🌟

Dr Sandra Stallaert

Health office

Homeopath - Nutritionist

Remote consultation


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