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Tip 12 : Chewing

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

When it comes to nutrition, what could be even more important than the content of your plate❓

Often overlooked, even forgotten, is the 🦷 MASTICATION 🦷 .

The sad reality 🥲 is that most of the time we don't chew enough 🤷

Today, I'm going to explain to you, why this act, yet still not so complicated 😉, is of paramount importance for our health 👍.

It is certain that if we eat at lightning speed ⚡️even at the table or worse, between 2 meetings 💼, in front of a screen 🖥, standing in the kitchen or in the car🚗, we will not eat in consciousness, like little Buddhas🧎🏻fully enjoying the present moment 😇.

Well, before turning into a little Buddha the road is long 😅!

Chewing 🦷 food well 🦷 is the basis of a healthy, balanced and pleasure-rich diet. Why ❓❓❓

Because digestion (the process of breaking down food into tiny pieces so that it can be absorbed and assimilated) starts in your mouth 👄!

Up to 30% of this work takes place there: that says it all!

We have teeth 🦷 🦷 🦷 , real or fake, it doesn't matter 😄! The result is the same: cutting, tearing, grinding, triturating are all actions they undertake with every bite ... if we take the time to make them work of course 😉.

These functions optimise the contact surface between the food and the precious substances contained in your saliva so that their work is efficient and fast 👍.

The ideal is to chew until you get a kind of paste that is more or less liquid but in any case quite homogeneous and smooth👌.

Yes, sometimes there is work to do 😄!

Freeze frame 🏞... or rather saliva :

Did you know that we secrete up to 1.5 litres of it per day ❓❓❓

Our saliva contains many enzymes. These are the ones that cut our food into smaller pieces that can be assimilated. The best known is called amylase and it digests the starch that is present in potatoes 🥔 or bread🥖 for example.

Have you ever noticed that if you chew a piece of bread 🍞... again, again and again ... it ends up, as if by magic 🪄, with a little sweet taste ... this is the result of the work of this famous salivary amylase😮.

If you swallow a potato puree 🥔 in no time 🏃♀️🏃♀️🏃♀️, there is a good chance that gradually your belly will start to resemble a balloon 🎈, the poorly digested starch will start to ferment and ... it will swell 😱 !!!

Special attention will be paid to anything in the form of puree, soup, juice, tartar ... and more generally to any soft or liquid texture that require even more vigilance 🙌... it's so easy to drink your soup or gobble up 🤢 a tartar after a few unfortunate chews.

Why not opt instead for a tasty, slow tasting 😋... what do you think ❓

Our saliva also contains substances that kill certain microbes 🦠 that may be present in food, this is a very useful aspect for gastro prevention 💪.

Yep ... our saliva holds many secrets 🙂 .

So 30% of digestion takes place in our mouth ... 30%.

From then on, if you short-circuit this step and well it's mathematical 🧮 : 30% more work for the rest : your stomach might not appreciate it (avoid sending it cobblestones !), as well as your intestines 🤢 .

The result will be dramatic 🙈🙈🙈 : fermentations, putrefactions, bloating, disturbances of the intestinal flora, gas and everything else ...

The simple act of chewing 🦷 , even before swallowing, causes the secretion of digestive juices: your intestines thus prepare to receive the food.

When the food arrives, it is welcomed with open arms and great pomp 😍.

And if you don't chew, it's a bit like arriving at someone's house, suddenly and totally unexpected ...

There is a good chance that you will be received with very little enthusiasm 🤬 !

In summary, if you take the time to chew 🦷, you digest better and faster 😌. This requires less energy from your digestive system and it is less tired 😬 ... and you too at the same time!

A real team effort 🤝 !

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are also better assimilated ... what more could you ask for ❓😉❓

But that's not all!

Thanks to chewing we are able to assess in a fair and balanced way how much food we swallow 👌.

In fact, it takes 20 minutes 🕓 for your brain 🧠 to realise that you have started a meal ...

Yes, sometimes that noble organ is a bit slow on the uptake 😅 !

20 minutes ... 20 minutes for the info ℹ️ "I've eaten enough" or "I'm not hungry anymore" to reach your consciousness ...

Then you are surprised that you eat too much 🤷♀️ !

In the other direction it gives: if you take the time to chew 🦷, you eat more slowly 😌, you are more aware of your satiety 👍 and therefore you eat less ... and better 👍.

And finally, when we chew our food well, the glycemic index of our meal, i.e. its ability to raise blood sugar levels 📈 and make us gain weight ⚖️, decreases 📉, regardless of the content of the meal 🥳!

So when you enjoy a nice sweet 🧁, like an epicurean, take the time to savour every bite ... huuuummmmmm how good it is 😋😋😋.

If you have a few extra pounds, these last two points are key to getting rid of them 🙌.

With these "few" lines 😂, I hope I have convinced you that chewing well is an essential habit for your health👌.

If this habit is not yet yours, I invite you to stick post-it notes 📮 at home or put an alarm🚨 on your phone 📱or use any other means in order not to forget, when the meal comes 😉...

Yes, we know this but when the fateful moment = the meal comes and well we forget 🙈 🙉 🙊!!!

With those good words, I'll leave you for the moment!

Come on, ✨✨✨ Yum la Vie ✨✨✨ to you all, I send you my best and loving thoughts 🥰.


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