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Tip n°10 : Bloating

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

If I decided to talk about BLOODING 🤢 today, it's because I think this delicate subject affects many of us 🥴 and ... to our great despair 😭 ... especially the female gender 🥴🥴🥴!

That unpleasant feeling of suddenly being 6 months pregnant, having to unbutton the trousers 👖 or shorts 🩳 it's up to you, the skirt 👗 or the waistband and feeling inflated like a balloon 🎈 ... Pfffffff ... hateful 😩, no❓❓❓

The causes of such an unpleasantness are multiple.

Many digestive system diseases can cause this symptomology but far more common is physiological bloating ... which means there is no underlying disease 🤷♀️ but hey ... there's a little problem anyway 😞!

If you're bloated 🤢, it means it's fermenting in your gut 😵💫 ... that's all we don't want if we want to stay buddy-buddy 👯 with our belly and most importantly our health 😀 !

Come on 🤸🏻♀️! I'll 'jump' straight into the thick of it to give you some good advice on how to avoid that uncomfortable feeling 😞.

To relieve bloating you need to ... yes, yes ... I say 'you need to' :

👉 🦷 Chew well 🦷 : I know 🙄, on this point I am repeating myself endlessly ∞ ... because it is THE BASIC !

30% of your digestion already takes place in your mouth 👄.

If you short-circuit this crucial step well that means you're going to send some kind of concrete block ... you get the picture (I hope, because I couldn't find the corresponding emoji 😂) ... into your stomach ... not good at all 😫 !

Chew 🦷🦷🦷 your food so that you swallow a bowl of food with a creamy puree consistency ... come on ... let's skip the details 🙃🙃🙃.

👉 Avoid drinking too much water 🚰 during the meal 🥘 and even less after 🙅🏼♀️!

👉 Eat your fruit 🍋🍍🍓 outside of meals!

A fruit (except banana 🍌 and avocado 🥑) digests in approx. 30 minutes ... if it accompanies a meal 🥘 well it will be like 'stuck' 🥴 with the other foods and all its digestion will be slowed down 😱: the fruit will therefore ferment 😱😱😱.

An exception for pineapple 🍍 and papaya 🥭 which contain beneficial digestive enzymes 👍 ... in theory 😉 ... in practice, this is not true for everyone.

As a result, orange juice 🥤 in the morning, no matter how lovingly you squeeze it yourself 🥰🥰🥰, should not accompany your breakfast. It's a nutritional aberration 🙄 !

👉 Limit wheat 🌾 and especially refined wheat = white flour 🥖. It's enemy number 1 😬 for a good deal 🤝 with your digestion.

Tell yourself that when you eat white bread 🍞🥖🥪 it's like eating sugar 🍬 ... so we'll call it occasional ... go on, next...

👉 I'll take it a step further and advise you to limit carbohydrates as a whole, such as grains (e.g. 🍚 rice), potato 🥔 or corn 🌽 for example.

👉 And I'm still not going to tell you about sugar and all the preparations that contain it 🍩🍰🧁 ... that would be a small offence 😫 ... you know that, don't ❓❓❓

👉 When you eat dry grains (legumes), real dry grains 😉 not the canned ones 🥫 ... well soak them 🥣 overnight in water, they will only be more digestible 😀.

👉 Avoid combining animal proteins (eggs🥚, dairy products 🐄 , fish 🐟 and seafood 🦐, meat 🥩) and carbohydrates (rice 🍚, bread 🥖 and other cereals, potato 🥔, corn 🌽, etc).

This combination is not the most digestible 😟.

This is it 😭😭😭, this is where you stop reading 🙅🏼♀️🙅🏻🙅🏻♂️ as you suddenly realise with horror 😱 that bread 🍞 and cheese 🧀 or a curry with rice 🍚 are not the best culinary ideas for bloating ❓

Let's go ahead and say it's all about measurement ⚖️ ... avoid forcing bread or rice 😉.

👉 There are some foods that easily cause bloating 🤢 and that I would therefore advise you to avoid until the problem is resolved: dried beans, onions, cabbage, fruit juices, artichokes, etc.

👉 I didn't talk in detail about dairy products 🐄 ... my post would be way too long 🙄 ... you might have understood that I'm not a fan 😉 ... at all ...😉😉😉 ...

So consume in moderation ⚖️ ... and for probiotics we'll prefer fermented foods to yoghurts!

👉 As for probiotics in food supplements 💊 , yes they are quite useful but not for everyone and sometimes they can even make the problem worse 🙄.

👉 And finally, crunching a few fennel seeds, cumin, cardamom or drinking a green tea 🍵 at the end of the meal is often very beneficial 👍.

Come on, let's go 😅! That's it for today!

I wish you a beautiful day 😍 , ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ against all odds 🌈 and see you soon 🤗.


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