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Tip n°13 : Return to health

This week we are going to do a little theory 📖 , some principles that will give us food for thought 🤔, about the disease 🤒, or rather much better, the RETURN TO HEALTH 😀… the real return…😀😀 😀 .

Often, at least that's what we are taught on the benches of the university 🎓, when there is a symptom, there is a treatment in the form of an 'anti-something': anti-inflammatory 💊 , painkiller 💊, antibiotic 💊, antiemetic 💊 ('against' vomiting) … an anti-symptom ✋ in a way 🤨.

So yes, we will be relieved 😌 and it can sometimes be very necessary 😉.

But will we really be cured ❓❓❓

That's what we're going to see 🧐...

Well, it's all about nuances and measurements ⚖️, let's keep that in mind for what follows...

So, if you wake up one morning with an impossible headache 🤯 after a party 🎉... let's say... a little too much alcohol 🍹🍸🥂, you won't procrastinate for long 😜: head to the pharmacy looking for a painkiller 💊 to be able to continue your day... somehow 🥴... it all depends of course on the amount of alcohol consumed the day before 🤪!!!

Here, the culprit is immediately identified ✋ and we stop there 🙅‍♀️, that's enough 😬!

It's the same if you eat a damaged food 🤢, your digestive system, somewhat perplexed 🤨 by the unexpected arrival of this intruder in its lair... or in its belly 😅... will make you understand and quickly 🤮: back to square one - EXIT this daring stranger 😵‍💫 from above, from below… or from both 😅!!!

Your body has simply done its job 👍 and it does it very well 👌, you still have to let it do it 😉😉😉...

We see that most of the time being sick 🤒 means having an overloaded body 🥴.

In the two examples above, the overload is obvious and the matter is settled 🙃.

There are, however, many other sources of overload that are more problematic 😬: chronic stress 😓, persistent dietary imbalances 🤢 and lack of sleep 😴 are probably the most common.

👉 Stress that lasts 😓 which laaaaaaaasts 😓😓😓... causes an increase in the acidity of the body and in the long run a chronic inflammation...

👉 Too much white bread 🥖, too much milk 🥛 or too much industrial food 🍔 overloads your digestive system 🤢 and your whole organism 👎 with the same result 🤦‍♀️.

👉 As for sleep 💤, when we know that at night our body undertakes a lot of cleaning 🧹 and regeneration work... well, if Morpheus 🥱 is not there, this process will be less successful and the toxins will not be sufficiently eliminated. Surcharge guaranteed 🙈!

Most diseases are thus caused by fouling of the body 😵 💫 overloaded with toxins ☠️: too much input, not enough output or both, hence for example, the absolute need to solve constipation problems 😬 .

So … if you take an 💊'anti-something' 💊 without digging a little deeper in order to understand 🤔 WHY 🤔 you are sick, you will most likely mask the symptoms 🙈🙉🙊 without solving anything 🤷‍♀️ and the disease may return in the same way (same symptoms) or in another form (another disease).

Come on, I'll give you an example: eczema in a child 🧒🏻 who drinks cow's milk 🥛 every day, it's a great classic 😉.

What do we do most often ❓ We apply one or the other cream 🧴 based on cortisone, very effective and sometimes just as necessary to relieve it 😔... we agree 🙂...

Yes, the eczema disappears of course... but... when the treatment is stopped, sometimes the eczema comes back 😓 and in some of them asthma 😮 💨 appears a few years later ☹️.

So what happened ❓

The cream 🧴 only 'cut' ✂️ the symptom without really solving the cause 😏: an overload due to too much cow's milk consumption.

We can't see anything anymore 🙈, it's all beautiful, all smooth... okay... but the disease can continue to progress 😬.

We say that the disease 'returns' and it will only express itself in another, deeper way 😟, an asthma 😮‍💨 for example... it's still the same disease... but in another form.

If, on the other hand, we reduced the cow's milk intake 🥛, and very often the problem would be solved 🙂 and the child cured 😁... really cured 😁😁😁... and not only relieved of his symptoms 😉.

Another example: pain 😓 which is a sign of inflammation: you have back pain 👉 you take a painkiller 💊 or an anti-inflammatory 👉 you no longer have back pain 😀.

Often it ends there... and often the pain comes back 🥺... but maybe that means you're sick of something 🙄, it's a possibility 😉.

So yes, there may be an underlying herniated disc problem but believe me, the intensity of the symptoms 😣 is not always directly proportional to the severity of the lesions observed on the x-ray 🏥.

There is often a little je ne sais quoi else involved 🧐🤔🤨...

It's certain that compared to all the above, the reality in the doctor's office 🩺 is often more complex and nuanced, but the approach remains the same.

So there are several ways to approach health: cut the symptom ✂️ or accompany 👐 the body so that it heals itself … or both … 😉.

Yes, these two approaches are often complementary 🤝 and it's a shame that sometimes they oppose each other 🥲.

We have medicines 💊 that relieve, it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of them, but don't stop there 😔.

Your body speaks to you 🗣️, it expresses itself through the various symptoms and sensations perceived, among other things, don't put a gag on it 🙊, but listen to it 👂 try to understand it 😘... to understand you... said is always important and it's always right 💖.

⭐ Persevere… Dig and you will see ⭐.

Sometimes the message ✉️ isn't clear 🤨 and you don't understand the meaning 🤷‍♀️… no big deal… let go 🙆‍♀️, the information ℹ️ will probably come back in another form 😉… sometimes very unexpected 😯.

I will end my speech 🙈 🗒️🙊 with a huge regret 😭: I did not tell you about the notion of 'field' which is a major aspect when it comes to our health ✌️...

… 😥 yes, I have to stop at some point 😥.

So that means I'm going to have to come back 😁… see you soon then ❓😜❓

Come on, a huuuuuuge ✨✨✨ Yummy Life ✨✨✨ to all of you!!! Bite into a piece every moment 😋 and savor it 😋😋… for a long time 😋😋😋…


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