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Tip n°14 : The field

To continue my previous message 💬, today I'm going to talk to you about FIELD. Nothing to do with a football field ⚽ or a field for sale 🏡 of course, you can imagine 😉… everything to do with your own field 👍, the one that represents the foundations of your good 🙂… or less good health 🙁 …

This means that it is important to take care of it 😊.

But the field, what is it exactly ❓❓❓

Let me explain to you:

Imagine that you are a tree 🌳, your feet 👣 on the ground and your head 😇 in the clouds ☁️… or your hair 👩‍🦰 in the wind 🌬️ if you prefer 😅… well, you still have to have long hair 😂!

Come on, come on… I digress already 🙈!

In short, between earth and sky, so we all are 😊.

Well, we can compare the land to the roots of the tree 🌳 and to the earth that surrounds it. If the latter is healthy, balanced ⚖️ and rich, the roots will be robust and the tree healthy 👌. On the other hand, if it's polluted 😵‍💫 and denatured 🥺, the survival of the tree will be compromised 😨.

It's a bit the same for us Homo Sapiens 🦶, except that our field is rather inside our organism.

It is represented by all the liquids that circulate in our body: blood, lymph and those in and around our cells.

When we talk about excess toxins 🚮, it is often these same fluids that are the seat of overloads and we say that the ground is clogged 😯.

This happens when the inputs ↗️ are greater than the outputs ↘️, the organs that eliminate our waste: liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin are overwhelmed 😔 and toxins accumulate: we talk about toxemia.

This is what must be avoided at all costs 🛑 because if the degradation of the land lasts too long, our cells begin to no longer function properly 🥴 and this is the open door to many chronic diseases 🤕.

Yes, most chronic diseases are due to an overload of the body.

But hey, we're not going to hide our faces 😉, we are all more or less overloaded with toxins 🤨.

In the era of modern man with its multiple connected screens 💻🖥️📲🤳, its often frenetic pace 🏃‍♀️, many environmental pollutions 🏭, let's say... questionable 🙄 food... to which you add a pinch of insomnia 🥱, a touch of sedentary lifestyle 😞, a good dose of stress of all kinds 😵😵‍💫 and why not constipation 😬 and sometimes even a loss of your senses 🤯... and you will have the perfect kit for a good overload.

Unless you live at the top of a mountain 🏔️ (it's an example 😅!) and again... it all depends on your state of mind 😅... we are all more or less concerned by this painting, extreme I grant you that 🙃!

This is where a little (sometimes big) boost 👍 in the form of drainage takes on its full importance. Its goal is to help the body eliminate excess toxins 🗑️. If we supplement with one or the other remedy that strengthens our immune system and an adequate homeopathic follow-up to strengthen our field and our natural self-healing abilities, the trick will very often be played 👌 thanks to this winning duo 💪!

The goal here is not to list 🗒️ everything you can take, nor to replace your 'carer' 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ this is the principle that I want to explain to you.

In addition, the reality of the medical office 🏥 is often much more complex than that 😉, as I have already said.

If I have briefly explained to you the origin of most chronic diseases 🤕, I cannot conclude this message without telling you about acute diseases 🤒🤧🤮 which are often very useful... I said often... not always 😉.

Most of the time they represent a healthy and physiological reaction of our body to eliminate excess toxins 🚮, a natural attempt at cleaning 🧹🧽🧹… but often what do we do ⁉️

As soon as our temperature 'jumps' 🤒 somewhat or our olfactory organ turns into a 'little' waterfall 🤧, we can have the reflex to take an anti-something 💊 in order to cut off these disturbing symptoms, with the consequence of stopping dead ✋ these natural healing mechanisms 😬.

It goes without saying that it's all a matter of measurement ⚖️ and sometimes these symptoms can be very disabling 😦 and need to be relieved... we agree 😊.

Finally, let us remember what Dr. Antoine Béchamp already said in the 19th century: “the microbe is nothing, the land is everything”.

Yes, we are constantly in contact with naughty little 🦠 corny 🦠 potentially deadly, we are not all sick 🤒 however … indeed, the microbe can only take up residence in us if ourfield allows it.

So rather than fighting the disease 😷, let's focus on the good health of our land 😁.

This is the whole reason for ✨✨✨ Miam la Vie ✨✨✨ .

So yes, I say ✨✨✨ Miam la Vie ✨✨✨ and we'll meet again soon for new exchanges 😀!

With all my affection 🥰.


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