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Tip n°15 : Food supplements

We often believe that when it's natural 🪴 it's ok, so we don't ask ourselves too many questions 🤔, we look on the internet 👀 and we take little pills, or capsules 💊, sometimes for a long, very long time, too much longer 😬.

Yes, today I'm going to talk to you about 💊 FOOD SUPPLEMENTS 💊, a hell of a business, you'll have to admit it 🤑.

I decided to approach this subject because I too often see arriving at my consultation 👩‍⚕️ patients who take a whole series of remedies, however natural they may be, whose beneficial effects sometimes seem to me … doubtful 😳 … d especially if these have been taken for 'years' often without interruption 😳😳😳.

It is obvious that this stems from a noble and oh so understandable will, that of getting better 🤗, and following the advice of god Google 🌐 or of a certainly well-meaning friend, we take this, and then this and then the one this one and this one again 🙈.

Yes, we mean well, and sometimes it doesn't help ☹️, and sometimes it does more harm than good ☹️☹️☹️.

So on the program of the day 📆, a little sweep 🧹🧹🧹, just to put or restore some order, and some good advice to see more clearly 👀 with these remedies, certainly natural, but which remain substances that you introduce into your body 😉!

👉 First of all, these tablets 💊 are absorbed by your digestive system. If the latter sticks out his tongue a little 😛 and isn't in top form 🤪 - a bit like the 🐰 little Duracel bunny 🐰 tired and coming to the end of his pile - you remember ❓❓❓ … the risk is that these magic pills are not well assimilated, not to mention the extra work required of your digestive system already at the end of its course 🤢 —> guaranteed shortness of breath from our little pink rabbit 🐇😢.

Okay, okay, a little serious 😆.

Let's resume:

👉 Then, all supplements 💊 may look the same but are not all of good quality, far from it.

A simple advice 😉: don't buy them at the supermarket 🛒 and ask your pharmacist's opinion, or better, your health practitioner 🥼, he's still there for that, no ❓

Yes, just because it's 'natural' 🌼 doesn't mean it's 'natural' 🤨.

Let me explain: sometimes you have to take a quick look 🧐 at the composition... and there: ohhhhhh horror 🙈 we sometimes see E something appear, sugar, salt, sweeteners, flavors or artificial colors . A funny mix for a so-called natural product 🤦‍♀️.

Even if it's not ideal, for a single supplement it's not a big deal 🤷 ♀️ but when you take 10 a day it can be a lot 🙅 ♀️.

You will therefore not only have to deal with the complaints of your gut 🤢 but also with those of the little rabbit 🐰 whose pink will only be a distant memory because it will have turned gray 😅!

👉 But still, some food supplements 💊 can be toxic ⛔ if you take too much.

Fat-soluble vitamins, for example, are soluble in fat and therefore accumulate inside your cells.

If their dosage is too high, your cells may not appreciate … at all ❌!

Let's take vitamin D, which I am also a strong supporter of, as you well know 😉.

Dosages of up to 100,000 IU, or even more, can be found on the market! With a single take, everything is fine, you will be covered for a long time 👍. On the other hand, if you repeat the intake too frequently, it can increase your blood calcium 🩸 which may cause problems for your health 👎.

Caution is therefore in order 🙌!

👉 Note also that some supplements must be taken away from meals 🍴, this is the case of Zinc or Bromelain for example.

Most of the time this is unfortunately not indicated on the box 🤷 ♀️.

In addition, in chronic diseases such as cancers, certain substances are NOT indicated.

Failing to repeat myself: ask a professional for advice 😉.

The goal here is obviously not to scare you 😌 but to clarify that it is not because it is 'natural' that it is harmless 😉!

👉 And to finish one last piece of advice: unless recommended by your doctor 👨 ⚕️, when we take cures, we take breaks ✋.

There is no point in taking remedies, sometimes very expensive 💵, for years if it doesn't get better ☹️... or not much better 😕.

So I offer you the choice:

❇️ cures of 3 or 6 months with a break of 1 month

❇️ 3 weeks per month

❇️ 5 days a week

❇️ as is best for you 😉.

But please, don't get your body used to continuously receiving an exogenous product = which comes from outside 🥴.

So yes, I want our soils to be impoverished 🐛, that our fruits and vegetables are no longer as rich in vitamins as in the days of our grandmothers 👵, etc.

We agree 🙂 and little pink bunny too 🐰!

This is all the more true if you buy your food at the supermarket 🛒.

But if you favor your purchases from your local producers 👩 🌾, when possible, and you do targeted cures (eg good liver drainage at seasonal changes or a good quality vitamin cure to fortify your system immune as winter approaches ✌️) AND breaks, I guarantee that our little bunny's complexion will quickly regain a beautiful pink color 😃🐇.

👉 To conclude, remember: the best doctor is your body when you let it be 🤝 and the best pharmacy is inside you ✌️.

It's so well organized in there 👌.

Little pink bunny 🐰 joins me in wishing you a beautiful day, we say ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ and we kiss you 🥰!

Dr Sandra Stallaert

Health office

Homeopath - Nutritionist

Remote consultation


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