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Tip n°18 : January in detox mode

January 2023 🗓️, goodbye 2022 👋!

And hop 🤸 ! We have just crossed the threshold of this new year 🎉.

The years are like the days, they follow each other and are not alike... sometimes not at all 🤷‍♀️.

Fortunately, otherwise life would be very monotonous 😆, don't you think ❓

Anyway, the month of December is often synonymous with rich and hearty meals 🤢 often well watered 🥂. It's a month of abundance, sometimes excess and overload of all kinds 🤦 😃🙈!

January will therefore be the right time to restore this essential balance ⚖️ somewhat disturbed!

A good 🧹🧹🧹 broom = a good detox will do everyone good, the kings and queens of the party 💃🥳🕺 as well as the wisest 😇 !

Why ❓ Well because we are all more or less overloaded 😬, whether at the beginning of the year or at any other time, it depends of course on our way of life 😉.

However, it's not just food 🍔🍟🍭 that overloads the body. If you add stress 🤯, lack of sleep 🥱, overconsumption of medication 💊, tobacco 🚬, alcohol 🥃, external pollutants 🏭 and so on... it's the guaranteed fouling of your whole body 😩 😣😫.

Who says fouling says toxin overload ☠️.

If this situation continues, chronic inflammation of the body sets in... little by little... and opens the door 🚪 to many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer or joint pathologies.

They are called 'civilization' diseases, which is still very revealing ‼️

In short, we don't want to come to that so we find a 😃 'positive vibe' 😃, we roll up our sleeves 🙆‍♀️ and we go into detox mode 🙌!

✋ But before... I would like to open a parenthesis to tell you about emunctories.

It's a bit of a clever word perhaps 🧐 ... but which simply designates some of our organs, one of whose functions is the elimination of our waste 🚮 ... sometimes very difficult responsibility, it must be recognized 🥴.

Every day, we eliminate waste 🗑️, this is normal and is the consequence of the functioning of our wonderful organism 🙂.

However, following the many overload factors 🤢🤯😵‍💫 mentioned above, the inputs are often higher than the outputs and these precious organs can no longer follow and what happens then ❓ It's overflowing ‼️ ‼️

These organs are five in number: the skin, the lungs, the intestines, the kidneys and THE LIVER. The latter is the most important, it filters everything that enters our body through our mouth 😋.

You will have understood it, by reducing our diet 🙃 we will take care of our liver 🤗. This will allow him to do his job without asking him to work overtime 🙇 😓😵 which will probably not be enough to clean the body 🤷 ♀️.

So yes, there are many herbal remedies 🌱, which are called drainers and which help and assist our emunctories, but … that is not the subject of this article 😁😉🤭.

I rather suggest, and especially after a month of December with its share of excess, a detox version 🦸‍♀️ "I don't need anything, I manage on my own" 🦹‍♀️... 😃... 👉 alternate periods of abundance 🤢 with other times when a little more lightness 😇 will be there 👍.

Here are some examples, choose what suits you best because let's not forget that we are unique beings 💎 … or if you prefer the other way 🌀: we are all different 😜. There is therefore only one way to detoxify 😉.

For some it will be a bit radical method 💥 and for others something much softer 🌬️ because the golden rule is to respect the needs of your body and above all not to force 👌!

Anyway, I digress 🙃 … let’s resume with our few examples 🙂:

👉 I eliminate alcohol 🍹, it's a bit basic no ❓

👉 I'm eliminating sugar 🍬!

👉 I eliminate all industrial products, you know the ones with the extended 🏷️ label and unpronounceable words 🥺!

👉 I eliminate refined wheat flour 🥖 (white flour)

👉 I don't snack anymore ☹️

👉 I lighten the evening meal (ex. only vegetables 🥗). The liver is a nocturnal, it works at night 🌠. If you eat heartily in the evening 🤢 you sleep and digest at the same time which is frankly not a good idea 🙅‍♀️ and overloads your liver more 🙈.

👉 I only eat fruits 🥭 and vegetables 🥦

👉 I am on a mono diet, that is to say I eat only one food. Choose for example a vegetable 🥬 or a seasonal fruit 🥭🍎🍌 and decline it in raw and cooked version.

👉 I'm fasting! But I talk about it regularly, don't I? 😉.

It's up to you of course 😉 to choose several options at the same time ✌️ for the time you deem necessary 👍.

You now have some ideas 💡 to make this month of January... or February because we're almost there 😅... a month of lightness, frugality and balance 👍👍👍.

Because yes, it's all about balance ⚖️ and like a pendulum when we swing in one direction we need to swing in the other direction with the same intensity to maintain stability ⚖️⚖️⚖️.

Our ancestors were already doing it, alternating abundance and frugality and although we have long been out of our caves 😅, our genetic heritage has changed very little 🧬.

Come on, I'll leave you 👋, take care of yourself 🤗, See you soon and above all, with all 🥰 heart ✨✨✨MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨!

Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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