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Tip n°24 : A moment of life...suspended

Today, no health tip but rather a sharing of a moment of life 🤲. An experience that I lived and which allowed me to go far beyond the known to connect, a little, to the unknown ... to infinity ... to the immeasurable 💫💫💫. A few years ago, on the occasion of my 50th birthday, with my husband we went "backpack" 🎒 to discover Chile 🇨🇱.

The sky of this country is one of the most beautiful in the world … for stargazing ✨. It was in the Elqui Valley, in the middle of the Andes ⛰️ that I was able to open the field of my perceptions and connect myself to greater than me ... much greater than me ... to immensity of the universe of which a rational discernment is practically impossible for us. Here is the description of my experience, transcribed as it is from my travel diary 📓: 📝 It's 9 p.m., we have an appointment with Éric in the village square. Eric is a passionate and exciting astrophysicist... After 30min of climbing we reach the del Pangue observatory at 1500m altitude. The moon will rise at 24h we have time to explore the firmament. This sky is one of the purest in the world ... the largest telescopes are here ... The mountains are black, the sky is grey: there is no pollution. Eric explains to us that the sky is gray because illuminated by all these stars which are so many suns... It is the universe that sends us all this light... For 2 hours we will travel in the sky and in time...

We see : Nebulae, where all the stars are formed... From a single atom, the first, hydrogen... Planets are formed from stars and following nuclear reactions is created everything that exists in our world of matter... To say that we are made of stardust is therefore not a romantic maxim but a very physical reality... We also saw a dying star... Another galaxy...dived into it to see one of its nebulae... We go even further... to 20 million light years and we see 3 galaxies at the same time!!! Galaxies that resemble our own, the Milky Way, with its flattened disc shape... Eric shows us Uranus, Sirius enlarged 80 times and whose luminous intensity dazzles us... And finally we see a giant star which will soon explode (soon in astronomy can mean several centuries!) and thus become a Supernova... Our galaxy contains billions of stars (and therefore suns), to date 3000 solar systems have been identified, there are probably millions of them. When you think there are billions of galaxies... it makes you dizzy... We were stunned last night... Moved by the celestial immensity... Our camera cannot capture this beauty... she is and will remain in our hearts... We went to sleep with a lot of humility... and filled... filled with this divine beauty 📝. "We are all dust from the birth of the universe" Excerpt from the book "The Mirror of Cassandra" by Bernard Werber. A wonderful day to you with ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨

Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

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