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Tip n°27 : More than a tip ... a sharing

Health is ☘️ body, soul, spirit ☘️. When a quote touches me, it turns into 💫💭 Magical Thought 💭💫. When a text touches me, it takes the form of a 'Tip', a rather special tip.

The following two texts are taken from the book “The day I learned to live” by Laurent Gounelle. An author dear to my eyes 👀 and who feeds my heart 💞. Health is nourishing ☘️ our body, our soul and our spirit ☘️. These texts are food for our soul... but maybe it's our soul that speaks directly to us through the pen ✍️ of this talented writer ❓ These few sentences are for me filled with wisdom and truth. A reminder of what is important and what is less. Back to basics 💫. May you listen to your soul and nurture it at the same time 🕊️.

✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ and good weekend to you all 🦋.

⭐️ To live life well, it is necessary to listen to what comes from deep within ourselves. Hear the messages whispered by our soul. But our soul is like an angel who whispers in a voice so soft, so weak, that we have to strain our ears. How do you want to pay attention to it when your mind is constantly occupied by thousands of things outside of yourself? TV, internet, e-mails, cell phones, SMS... All of this is very useful, if you are vigilant enough not to be trapped. Because do you know why we become addicted to it? Because they induce emotions in us. And you see, when we feel emotions, we feel alive. So we want, again and again.

This is why we stay connected to all these social networks. As soon as a message concerns us, we feel an emotion. Any information alerting us? A feeling. Someone is thinking of me ? A feeling. A storm hit a country? A feeling. Once again, there is nothing wrong with that, but by dint of being absorbed by what comes from outside we lose contact with ourselves. The more our emotions are induced from the outside, the less we know how to bring them out from within through our own thoughts, actions and feelings. A seed struggles to germinate in land smothered by overgrown vegetation. It takes a little space for the light to come to us.

If we don't take the time to listen to our soul, to collect what comes from deep within ourselves, then we risk not really knowing ourselves. And when we don't know each other...we let our illusions rule our lives. We all have illusions about life, which push us in this or that direction. Deep down, our conscience knows that this is not reality and that we are on the wrong track. But if we don't listen to our heart, we let these illusions take us by boat and deprive us of real freedom ⭐️.

[ … ]

⭐️ Our deep desires, and not our superficial desires induced by society, are paths to follow to advance on the path of our mission. It is our soul that beckons us through these desires, to attract us on our way. A muffled call of fate ⭐️.

Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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