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Tip n°34 : Dairy products (Part 2)

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Here we go again for our little, or rather big, overview of our friends/enemies, dairy products 🐄🥛🐄.

Where were we already ❓

Ah yes, I wanted to discuss with you the subject of BONE RENEWAL 🦴: old bone being replaced by new bone, yes, our skeleton is renewed every 10 years 👍.

Why do we say that PL (Dairy Products for short) are good for our bones 🤔?

Well, because they contain proteins which stimulate bone growth and renewal, that sounds great... not sure... because the price to pay is an exhaustion 😥 of the stock of osteoblasts well before time!

Oops… what is this word ❓ Osteoblast ⁉️

Osteoblast = young cell responsible for the formation and renewal of bone 🦴. We therefore need them all our lives, and our body will make sure to use them sparingly 🤏🤏🤏, while PL will rather stimulate in an exaggerated way the production of these precious cells, and if we drink too much milk 🥛, the will of our body will not be enough 🤷‍♀️.

To take a sporting metaphor, overconsuming dairy products from childhood is a bit like if, when you set out for a marathon 🏃‍♀️, you start by sprinting 🏃.

Certainly you will be in the lead 🏆 at the first kilometer, but you will probably arrive in the last at the finish 😓.

Thus, osteoporosis is above all linked to an early decline of these famous osteoblasts, and in no way to a calcium deficiency 🙄.

And to top it all off, dairy calcium itself seems to activate bone remodeling, which is not observed with other forms of calcium 😵.

If we let nature take its course more often 🤔…

Okay, so these dairy products are not really very useful for the health of our bones... even rather not useful at all...

But there is something else, a big one: that of ❌ HORMONES AND GROWTH FACTORS ❌.

Little reminder: nowadays (this was not the case several decades ago) our poor cows 😥🐄😥 are milked almost all the time and even when she is carrying a little calf in the making, a little calf which at 6 months will already weigh 150 kg ⭕!

Mother cow's milk 🐄 must therefore be well suited for her little one, and not really for us then ❓

Indeed, hormones and growth factors stimulate the multiplication of cells (normal OR cancerous), and are adapted for the growth of a calf, certainly not for ours and even less for adulthood 😳!

The list of culprits is long: IGF-1, EGF, TGF, estrogens (= female hormones – not good for men 🙋‍♂️, not good at all, especially in such quantities ❗).

Their presence significantly increases the risk of cancer... well... you have to consume a lot of it, we agree 👉 cancers especially hormone-dependent: breast, ovary, cervix, prostate and testicle but not only 👉 also digestive, as well as the risk of proliferation of a primary cancer.

In short, I'm going to stop there otherwise it's going to bother us 😞.

But... I'm not finished 🤓, we still have to talk about PROTEINS, including CASEINS.

They are powerful allergens = foreign molecules that our body recognizes and against which it produces antibodies to destroy them... except that... these foreign molecules resemble our own molecules, our antibodies can mess up and destroy these foreign molecules but also them. ours 🥺 ❗

This is the reason why overconsumption of dairy products is implicated in many allergic diseases 🤧, inflammatory bowel diseases 🤢, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease .

To cite one example among many others: in cases of eczema in children 👶👧👦, simply eliminating dairy products 🥛 (with good drainage of the liver) is often enough to make this sometimes very debilitating disease disappear. .

You can replace the PL, if necessary, with chestnut or almond milk powder (more economical), or hazelnut or rice milk – avoid soy for little ones because it contains phyto -estrogens = hormones and they don't need them 👎.

To finish... yes I'm almost finished... WHEW 😃!

Let’s talk a little about ACID-BASIC BALANCE: but what is this business ❓❓❓

Simple and concise explanation:

👉 Most PLs increase the acidity of our body – too much acidity means too many toxins and too many toxins means: not good at all 👎!

But the body is smart 😉, it will look for, in our bones 🦴, and yes, in our bones 🦴, calcium to “buffer” the excess acid.

A little counterproductive no ❓

Bone density decreases, the bones become fragile, this is osteoporosis.

Yes, yes, you read that right 🤓 ❗

To summarize, if there are the following problems:

👉 Obesity and diabetes

👉 ENT pathologies in young children: ear infections, tonsillitis, rhinitis

👉 Eczema, allergies

👉 Inflammation of the digestive tract = digestion problems

👉 Rheumatism

👉 Neurological diseases: multiple sclerosis, depression, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's

👉 Hormone-dependent cancers: breast, uterus, ovaries, prostate

👉 Thyroid diseases

👉 Cardiovascular diseases

👉 Or even: behavioral problems in children, insomnia, agitation…

🙏 Please limit the consumption of PL as much as possible 🥛, and favor, if it is really necessary, the smallest animals like the goat or the sheep 🐑🐐 ... and again ... because everything that The above, however, remains valid for these smaller animals but to a lesser extent. Well yes, it’s proportional to the size of the animal – QED 😉.

And, if you are in good health, and want to stay that way, well you now know what you have to do: consume PL from time to time as a “pleasure” food 🥳, they are not for us of no necessity 😉.

We are not calves 🐮 and even less babies 👼!

This is the end of our great overview of a very fascinating subject!

Until then, be well, ✨✨✨ Miam La Vie ✨✨✨ and see you soon for new discoveries 🥰.

Doctor Sandra Stallaert 

Health Practice Holistic

Homeopath - Nutritionist

Remote consultation


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