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Tip n°49 : Aluminum

This week, it's time for HEAVY METALS and more particularly ALUMINUM, the overload of which is the most frequent of all 📈.

We have no need 🙅‍♀️ of this metal to function well, on the contrary, it is a real poison ☠️ and beyond a certain threshold, it is very toxic… and who says toxic says “not good at all” for our health ❌!

The simplest way to not be overloaded with it... well, I'll give it to you in 1000... is to limit exposure of course 🤷‍♀️.

Easy... well... you need a little vigilance ⚠️ because you quickly realize that aluminum is almost everywhere, especially in our kitchen 👩‍🍳:

The one that wins the prize 🏆 is aluminum foil.

If you have any at home, throw it in the trash 🚮 and replace it with baking paper and transparent film!

It is also present in certain kitchen utensils, packaging, cans (pints), coffee capsules, food containers, etc.

And it's not over: 💊 medications (e.g. certain antacids), blisters, cosmetics (deodorants 👃 – especially antiperspirant), certain toothpaste or vaccines 💉 (be careful if repeated) and even tap water 🚰, when aluminum salts are used to make it clearer, definitely 🙄.

When you go shopping 🛒, Just put on your glasses 👓 for those who need them 😉 and look at the label 👉 it's always written on it.

Our body is however very well made 👌, I can never say it enough, we still have to let it do its thing and trust it 😌.

Yes, it is capable of eliminating a certain quantity of heavy metals, but, beyond a certain threshold, this is no longer possible and aluminum accumulates in our cells, especially our fat cells.

For example, here is what it could look like:

👉 Increased inflammation = everything we want to avoid so as not to increase the predisposition to chronic diseases

👉 Toxicity for the brain, aluminum is implicated in Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia

👉 Chronic pathologies of the digestive system

👉 Autoimmune diseases

👉 Skin problems and hair loss

👉 Disruption of the proper use of minerals and trace elements (e.g. bone demineralization


In addition to eliminating sources of exposure, sweating is very very effective in eliminating heavy metals, and not just them, all toxins in general 👍.

So 1,2,3 here we go 🤸‍♀️ exercise ❗️

And... eat broccoli... yes, yes... broccoli 🥦 whose detoxifying and antioxidant action is enormous!

Despite the above, the overload can be too great but even in this situation, all is not lost, PHEW 😅.

There are specific 📖 detoxification protocols to eliminate them, however this must be done under the watchful eye of a health specialist.

But the goal is not to get there 😬.

So you know what you have to do: say goodbye 🙋‍♀️ to aluminum in your kitchen, choose an aluminum-free cream and deodorant, get moving and eat vegetables. I didn't say you had to eat broccoli every day 🙃!

Come on ✨✨✨ MIAM la Vie ✨✨✨ and have a good weekend 😘.


Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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