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Tip n°50 : The Glycemic Index (GI)

This week I will deal with a very important subject for our health: THE GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI).

But what is this index, what does it mean ❓

The GI allows you to compare foods based on their ability to raise blood sugar levels (blood sugar levels) 📈!

The higher the GI, the stronger the insulin peak will be ❗️

The more the blood sugar increases, the greater the insulin peak will be and the greater the risk of hypoglycemia 😵‍💫 … and the more the appetite will increase 😋 … and the more we will eat 🤢 … and the less… ah there is a minus …the less fat we burn…DAMMIT! It’s not good either 🙈.

Well, you will have understood… Nothing good in all that 😬.

If we consume too large a quantity of high GI foods, in the long term this results in: diabetes, excess weight, chronic diseases (which we call civilization... that says it all!) 😱.

Did you also know that cancer cells feed on sugar ❓

And what are the culprits ❓ These high GI foods ❓

Easy: SUGAR 🍬🍰 is the leader of this type of food for which it holds the prize list 🏆.

That's all ❓ Well no, it's not that simple because a lot of foods have a very high GI and they are salty... yes, yes salty... it's hard to understand 🤯❗️

Here are some examples :

White bread 🍞, industrial cereals 🥣, potatoes 🥔 (especially if fried or mashed), chips, sodas 🥤 or white rice 🍚.

For the body, it’s like eating sugar 🙈.

To cheer yourself up 😃 here are some low GI foods: wholemeal/basmati bread and rice, al dente pasta, oatmeal, vegetables or legumes/grains 👉 fiber reduces the GI.

And that's not all: there are also processes that increase the GI of foods REGARDLESS of the food 😳:

👉 Cooking

👉 Refining (flour and white sugar)

👉 All industrial treatments

👉 Roll food in flour or breading

👉 Gelling (e.g. pasta or very cooked rice)…

And even :

👉 A meal low in fiber or high in calories

👉 Liquid form

👉 Eat a high GI food alone. Well… our morale is at zero there 😭. I admit, this post is not very positive 😫. So let's end with some celebrations 😅.

If :

👍 You eat raw

👍 You let a cooked dish cool a little

👍 You let the bread go a little stale… ultra fresh is worse

👍 You add a protein food (e.g. egg, fish, ham)

👍 You add fat (e.g. chocolate versus candy)

👍 The texture is hard (a raw vs cooked carrot)

👍 You mix a high GI food with a low GI food Well, the overall GI of your meal will decrease 🙌.

There is still so much to say about this, that will be for next time 😉.

Come on ✨✨✨ Miam la Vie ✨✨✨ Have a great weekend !

Receive my best thoughts 🤗.


Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

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Homéopath - Nutritionnist

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