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Tip n° 9 : The skin and its language

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Today I'm going to talk to you about your SKIN and more specifically its LANGUAGE 💭💬 ... yes, our skin speaks to us ... but do we even listen to it 👂❓❓❓

When we notice 🧐, sometimes with horror 😱, a little 'je ne sais quoi' appearing on the surface of our skin, we are sometimes assailed with a sudden urge 😔 ... which can become frantic 😫 😵💫 😫 ... to make it go away 🧹🧹🧹.

A little preliminary 🤔 thought is sometimes quite useful 👍.

If that little growth has the audacity 🙄 to make an appearance on our carnal envelope, it may be for a good reason, don't you think ❓❓❓

So rather than rushing 🏃♀️🏃🏃🏻♂️ to the dermatologist 👩🏻⚕️ and asking him to draw his dreaded nitrogen revolver 🔫🔫🔫 ... let's first look at one of the major roles of our skin : That of eliminating our waste products through perspiration 😰 thus completing the work of the kidneys.

A hop 🙋♀️ a little diversions: did you know that the skin is indeed an organ and the largest of all besides 😯🥺😯, unbelievable no ❓❓❓

Back to the topic at hand 😁 ...

So I was telling you that not everything that sticks out of your skin has to be wiped out right away 😬 !!!

I'm thinking of warts for example ... also known as 'little bins of the skin' 😉 ...

A dustbin is quite useful isn't it?

At home, if you get rid of this essential item, you rush out to buy another one to replace it 😉 !

Well, sometimes that's what happens to the skin ... if you remove a wart too quickly, a new one can appear ... or even several ...😬😬😬.

Yes, our body is well organised 👌, it tends to concentrate toxins in order to decrease their circulation throughout our body.

The same reasoning applies for example to cysts: it is not enough to remove them, it is important to treat the cause of this toxin overload 🧐 ... by draining the liver for example.

There is however a big 🙋♀️ BUT 🙋♀️ to everything I just told you: it is obvious that a painful wart or a large or misplaced cyst must be removed.

To avoid recurrence, however, I advise you to do a good drainage of your body 🧹🧹🧹.

Come on, another example: eczema: well it doesn't stick out but it's red and itchy 🥺🥺🥺!

And what do we do ❓We rush to put cortisone cream which will 'cut' the symptom ... it's like a plaster 🩹 that hides the problem 🙈🙉🙊.

You can't see anything anymore and you think everything is fine, it's cured 😀 ... que nénni 🥴 !!!

The problem (the cause) remains 🤨 ... and sometimes ... a few years later, we develop asthma without making the connection.

And yet, know that in some situations it is the same disease, it just expresses itself differently and more severely 🤕 ... the disease, previously on the surface ... is said to have 'come home'.

Sometimes simply removing cow's milk 🐄🥛🐄 , which overloads the body considerably, is enough to make an eczema disappear 👍.

Now you have understood how it works ✌️: the same reasoning applies for all inflammatory skin diseases like acne or psoriasis: they are among other things a sign of an overload of the body 🤢🤢🤢 and our skin is desperately trying 😅 to eliminate as much waste as possible ... and this becomes quite irritating ...

Again, it's all a matter of measure ⚖️ and a cortisone cream is sometimes essential to relieve what can quickly become a hell 😟.

Now caution ✋ is the order of the day, especially in tropical latitudes ☀️, where sometimes you think you're a little lizard basking in the sun at its zenith!

It is important to keep an eye 🤓 on your skin and to visit your dermatologist from time to time 👩🏻⚕️ .

Indeed, any spot or growth that grows, changes shape or colour or is located in the wrong place (e.g. under the bra strap 👙 ) must necessarily be checked 🧐🧐🧐 by this specialist.

Ask him for advice in order to make the difference between removing a lesion for aesthetic or medical reasons 😉.

Voili, voilou ... from now on, when your skin speaks to you and manifests itself 💭💬 , I invite you to benevolence 🤗 , caution 🧐 (👉 dermatologist) and a little patience 😇 ... and finally, like a little detective 🕵🏻 , try to understand why all of a sudden this beautiful organ expresses such discontent 😉 !

Come on, ✨✨✨ Yum la Vie✨✨✨, a good day 🌈 to you all ... be well wherever you are 👍 and I say see you soon 🥰 .


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