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Tip n°39 : For this end of the year, I advise you...

That's it 😅...almost...a few more days and 2023 will be just a memory...good for some of you and not so good for others 🤷‍♀️.

Either way, we are almost done with this year and the new year is here... very close.

I often write to you: the key 🗝️...the key to everything 🗝️🗝️🗝️ is to live consciously, in the presence of the moment that is there ⭐️.

And at the end of the year, it is above all living in awareness of our digestive tract 🤢, present in the contents of our plate 🍽️ … and our glass 🍷 which will be important 😂❗️

No no... I'm not going to be a killjoy 😜❗️That said, I think some advice would be welcome, just to take full advantage of this rather festive period 🎉😉.

Yes, the end of year celebrations are often synonymous with abundance 🍾 and excess with rich meals... sometimes very rich 😬... but that only happens once a year... well... for the end of year celebrations year 😅❗️

So, how can you avoid restricting yourself 😓 or feeling guilty , and maintain a certain balance ⚖️ so as not to arrive on December 27 already 2 kilos heavier and feeling down 😭😣🙃 ❓

And since 'everything is just a question of balance', why not set up a little rhythm 🎶 by alternating these convivial moments during which excesses are permitted with periods of greater frugality in order to allow our body to recover somewhat… before the next meal 😆😉❓

I think I've already said it but if that's not the case, well I'll say it again 😃: if we take care of our intestine too much, it becomes fragile... so from time to time we have to send it a little bomb 💥 so that 'he trains and gets stronger 💪.

A few little bombs 💥💥💥 at the end of the year for example 😉 interspersed with lighter moments 😇.

Come on, without transition, let's move on to practice and to the 'advice from friends' section 🥰 .

During your festive meals, the watchword is ENJOY… and get into the habit of:


20 minutes ⏳ is the time it takes for your brain to realize that you have started eating and to be able to send you, when the time comes, the signals of satiety... STOOOOOP ✋... you are no longer hungry 🙅‍♀️…. STOP ✋✋✋.

20 minutes ❓ yes, this one is sometimes slow to start 🐌, especially when it comes to food 😆.

Therefore, the faster you eat, the more food you will eat before you even realize it 🤢❗️


30% of your digestion takes place in your mouth, so don't short-circuit this step, especially not during this time of year, you will spare your intestine which, in any case, will already have a lot of work to do 🙇 .



‘I need to rest between two meals’ 🙏 your gut tells you… so in the flow… I take care of it despite everything 🤗… listen to it 👂 and treat it to a little nap before the next meal 😴.


Digestion of most fruits takes 30 minutes.

Digestion of a festive meal takes much longer: several hours 😅.

Result: if you eat fruit after a meal, they stay in your digestive tract and ferment... ohhh horror 🙈🙈🙈 ... bloating, flatulence and digestive heaviness 🤢 will invite themselves to the party❗️


And yes, it's not a myth, moderate physical activity improves and facilitates your digestion 🤸‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️.

And the day after a hearty meal, the watchword will be REST 💤, which means:

👉 Eat only raw or steamed vegetables or,

👉 Drink only filtered vegetable and/or fruit juices, to remove fiber or,

👉 Skip one meal or another or,

👉Fast for a whole day: water 💧… nothing but water… and plenty of it please!

The goal is to leave a certain amount of time between two meals. This will be all the more effective the longer this interval is 👌.

A new year is a new cycle 🌀 that begins and beyond the holidays, the end of the year is an ideal time to take stock of the past year 📝 and decide to leave behind what you don't have no more need 🧹🧹 🧹 to implement new habits, new choices, new decisions.

It is common to want to change our environment but as Dr Joe Dispenza and many others say very well: “nothing changes if you don’t change” 🤷‍♀️.

We can hardly change what surrounds us but we can make the choice to change ourselves 🙃.

I invite you to make this new habit your own:

Every morning, take a few minutes and close your eyes 😌, bring your attention to your heart 💖, the seat of your wisdom, your intuition and love and breathe consciously 🌬️.

Visualize your day to come and bring up in you this beautiful emotion that is gratitude 🙏🙏🙏.

Saying thank you to what we have, to what we are and to the fact of being 'simply' alive is to start a new day on the right foot and it allows us to gain perspective in the face of the vagaries of life. life ☘️.

Then ask yourself this question: what could possibly be the best version of myself that I choose to present to the world today ❓

Yes, yes... I know... 🙄 if we are going through a difficult period, such a practice may seem very difficult, or even impossible 😔.

Do it anyway with patience and kindness: there are days when things go well, and there are days when things go less well, but you will have done it anyway, and that alone will be a great victory 💪. 🎒📔🏫

We are and will remain all our lives schoolchildren 🎒📔🏫 of Life, in constant evolution.

The dynamic of all learning is: 3 steps forward 👣👣👣 and 1 👣 or 2 small steps 👣👣 back, so a piece of advice choose your most beautiful shoes 👠👞👡😉.

From the bottom of my heart, receive all my wishes for this new year 🤗🤗🤗.

May you every day nourish the balance ⚖️ of your body, your heart and your divinity ⭐️🌟💫.

With immense gratitude ☺️ for your loyalty and trust, every day I say THANK YOU 🙏.

See you next year 😘.

Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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