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Tip n°46 : The liver (Part 1)

Updated: May 2

I talked about it briefly when we talked about sleep 😴. This week we are going to dissect this important subject 👉 I am going to talk about your LIVER.

It's a big piece 😅, it's fair to say: in fact, it's one of the largest organs in your body, its largest axis can measure almost 30 cm 😳.

It has the surprising ability to regenerate itself if you cut a piece of it 🔪, a bit like the tail of lizards 🦎.

If it can reform, its role must be very important, even your heart does not have this magical resource ✨.

The liver has multiple functions but today we are going to focus on its role as a filter for the body... it is THE filter: this organ is the most important of your emunctories 🗑️.

👉 Little vocabulary reminder: an emunctory is an organ that eliminates your waste 🚮, you have 4 others: lungs, kidneys, digestive system and skin.

But the liver, in addition to eliminating our toxins ☠️, has a function that the others do not have: it neutralizes the toxins ☠️☠️☠️ that we accidentally ingest... or not... 😉.

Come on, I'll give you some examples: pesticides, insecticides, food additives, dyes, preservatives, drugs, heavy metals, like aluminum... etc... etc... etc... 🙈.

Advice 😌: when you look 👀, carefully 👀👀👀, at the list of ingredients of a food 🏷️ and the list is looooooooong with words that you can't even pronounce 🤯… I say to you: RUN 🏃 🏃‍♀️🏃!!!

Your liver is therefore the 🚮 DETOX 🚮 organ par excellence, but it still needs to not have too much to do 😓, translation: that it is not overloaded, and that is not a foregone conclusion 😬.

We all have, at one time or another, an overloaded liver, it sticks out its tongue 🤪 … do you see the picture 😝?

Sometimes he even runs out of breath 🥴 due to the lack of consideration we have for him.

Yes, if he has too much to do, he will burn out 😩.

Well, I'm not going to push the envelope too far but you will agree with me that all the same, we sometimes neglect this great man 🧐.

But then, how does it work ❓

To start a little anatomy lesson, quickly, only by addressing the important points for the subject 🤓:

Intestines and liver are closely linked 🤝, the liver is the first organ to receive substances absorbed by your digestive system following meals 🍴 or anything else you swallow 😮.

It thus represents your first protection system 🛡️ against what happens from outside.

Very small vessels called capillaries present in the wall of the intestines leave your digestive tract and go... ❓ where ❓ I'll give it to you in 1000: towards the liver!

They come together and form a large vessel called the portal vein... it carries, or rather brings , thanks to the blood 🩸 , all the nutrients to your liver which will absorb the waste 🤬 and redistribute the good things to the body 😁.

This is how every minute 1.5 liters of blood passes through this organ 🙀 which purifies it. A hell of a filter ❗

Toxins are eliminated in the bile…

🖐️ Freeze frame and focus on BILE 🖐️.

It is your liver that produces bile, approximately 1 liter per day. Yes, it's him and not your gallbladder which is just a small pocket 👜 that stores it.

Bile is not only used to eliminate toxins 🚮 it is also essential for digesting fats and, very importantly, for absorbing vitamins A, D, E and K.

If your liver is lazy and it produces less bile, this absorption will take place less well, resulting in a risk of deficiency 🤒.

Bile therefore leaves your liver, passes through your gallbladder and flows into your digestive tract to be eliminated in the stools 💩.

I read your thoughts: “What if I’m constipated?” » 😬.

Well, if you're constipated, that's not good news 🙄!

Your transit is slowed down, which results in a prolonged contact time between waste and the wall of your intestines.

This makes it easier for toxins to pass through your body 😵.

In addition, this is very irritating and can cause small lesions with the result of an intestine which becomes porous and very... too... permeable to lots of things which should not pass but which pass anyway... into your blood... then into your liver… 🤦‍♀️.

It’s like a huge 🚚 garbage 🚛 truck that suddenly appears…

The result of all this is simply self-intoxication!

A real vicious circle 😱!

Especially since bile stimulates transit, if there is less of it it only adds a layer to the problem and it is back to square one of self-intoxication which worsens the condition of the liver 😱.

In short, we can't get through it... PFIOUUUUU... 😥.

You will have understood, constipation 😬 is a real scourge that must be urgently taken care of in order to resolve the problem quickly 😌.

There are several ways but that’s not the topic of the day…sorry…😅.

I can't talk to you about the liver without telling you about its major role for our 🧬 immunity 🧬.

Around 40% of the cells present in this organ are white blood cells – white blood cells mean the immune system – we call them Kupffer cells… yes, that’s to impress you a little 🙄.

Their role is to eat 😋 in the literal sense of the term, bacteria 😷, viruses but also all the toxic substances that escaped the first cleaning.

In this sense, it is a second, very powerful defense system which is an integral part of our immune system 💪.

Finally, if we think about it, perhaps we forget this sacred organ too often 🙈. However, it is fundamental to take care of it, because it is one of the keys to our health 🌿.

We will see in the next article the signs and symptoms that your liver uses to talk to you 🗣️ and tell you that it is a little behind.

We will also see some good detox methods to make his task easier and give him a little helping hand 🤝.

With these good words, I wish you an excellent weekend, I send you good energy 💫.

Come on, ✨✨✨ Miam la Vie ✨✨✨and see you soon 🦋.


Docteur Sandra Stallaert 

Cabinet de Santé Holistique

Homéopathe - Nutritionniste

Consultation à distance


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